Owner and Lead Make  Up Artist


I started Accessmatized in 2013 by accident in the dining room of my home as a way for me to channel my creative energies and to encourage the many women who allowed me the opportunity to work with them.  I have always been a make-up lover and am known to shop for make-up no matter what store I enter (it's really bad).  What can I say...I LOVE MAKE-UP!  Everything about it.  From buttery eyeshadow colors to creamy lipliners,  you name it and I will acknowledge my love affair with it.  My favorite thing to do is eyebrows and I will admit that I am infatuated them.  I love them so much, and will spend hours grooming, filling in, and sculpting brows if you let me.  


Though I love the products and I covet eyebrows, I can not live without the GLAMBULOUS Ladies, our FABGLAMAZONS, that I am honored to work with.  I truly believe that our clients are absolutely phenomenal; and when we do their make-up coupled with their phenomenal nature they will take over the world!


Make-Up Artist

I am affectionately called the "Cut Crease Queen" because I love that make-up technique. I love mixing colors and blending them to perfection.  Though I love bold colors and glitter, I have also mastered the techniques that allow me to work with Brides and on-set.  I started on my journey in make-up artistry by creating looks on myself and posting them to social media.  My bold and creative looks caught the eye of many and I transitioned in to providing services for others....and I LOVE IT!

I continue to learn new things everyday and I challenge myself to continue to grow in this field.  


Make-Up Artist

Greetings! My name is Teashera Smith. I am a resident of Baltimore, MD as well as the newest makeup artist of the Accessmatized team. I wasn’t always a strong, motivated, and confidently beautiful, black woman that I am today. I came from a lot of trial and error, insecurity and self-doubt. I started convincing myself that I would fail in this industry. I am a true testimony of what God can do when you start believing in Him.


I got into makeup not just because I wanted to look better, but to channel my energies and skills into something I know I am good at. I love brows, bronzer, and bringing out the BEST features of any woman. My purpose and goal is to make you, the client, feel absolutely beautiful and confident. Not just on the outside, but the inside as well. Like I always say, “When it comes to confidence, you gotta wear it like makeup!” 

Published Work

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