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ANEW Hair Lounge Photoshoot

Earlier this year I had the awesome opportunity to work with Ms. Wen McCoy, Owner of ANEW Hair Lounge on her launch photoshoot! The experience was absolutely amazing. I had the opportunity to work with six dynamic models, Wen on hair, Andre Dunston with Epic Media Photography, and Me...on make-up of course! I'm not going to lie, I am always nervous when working with any of my clients as I want them to have the best experience possible and I want to make sure that I create the look that they are going for. But, there's nothing like when you are given some creative freedom to come up with a look of your own.

This simple look speaks volumes to me....and other than foundation (Loreal N8 and MAC NC40) and setting poweder (Ben Nye Banana Powder and Nicka K in Chocolate) this look was achieved using Pool Party by LA Colors for the lips ($1.50) and on the waterline and ELF black gel liner ($3.00)...that's it ladies!

It's all about the hair...

It's all LOVE!

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