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Don't Forget Your BABY Lashes...

It's Tidbit Tuesday!

I love sharing information that I have learned from playing in paint daily. One thing I learned early was don't forget about your BABY lashes...your bottom lashes! Now, I'm not going to lie...when I do my face daily I don't always remember my baby lashes. However, when I am creating looks for my clients I am always aware that mascara on the bottom lashes add a little bit more drama and can successfully complete a look.

I know...I know...some of you are looking at this picture and saying "My lashes ain't long like that!" (yup, I said ain't) but adding a littel bit of mascara to the lases can successfully make your bottom lashes appear a little thicker and longer. I use E.L.F. (Eyes Lips Face) Volume Mascara and/or E.L.F. Exact Lash Mascara on the bottom lashes. I love the Volume Mascara for top and bottom lashes as it does just that...adds volume to the lashes. The E.L.F. Exact Lash Mascara is great for the bottom lashes as it comes with a smaller angled mascara wand that allows you to place the mascara on the bottom lashes without making a know what I mean! Both products retail for $3.00.

It's all LOVE...

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