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Conquering the "Natural" Look

"What in the world is a "natural" look if you're wearing make-up?" It's not technically "natural" if you are wearing make-up...right?

The debate over natural hair, make-up, and a natural body goes on and on; however, in the make-up world there is such a thing as a "natural" make-up look and I had THE HARDEST time trying to figure out how to achieve it! I'm an avant-garde girl! I love very dramatic, over-the-top make-up with feather lashes and glitter lips...LOL! But, that's not what my clients wanted all the time and in order for me to begin the process of mastering my craft (as I am no where near a make-up master yet) I had to figure out how what a "natural" make-up look was and how to go about creating this all elusive "natural" make-up look.

The simpliest way to define a "natural" make-up look is the process of applying make-up that makes it appear as if you have little to no make-up on....if that makes any!

So I, like many of you, went to YouTube! I watched hundreds of hours of make-up tutorials. I scoured Google for images of "natural" make-up. But the best thing I ever did was practice. I called all of my friends over and practiced until my hands hurt. Then, I invested in my make-up kit to be sure to have the products that I know would work when creating the "natural" look, most of which are nudes, tans, tones.

My go to products for a natural look are:

MAC Arena

MAC Bruille

MAC Espresso

MAC Texture

MAC Foile

MAC Soft Brown

MAC Brown Script

NYX Black Eyeliner pencil

Urban Decay Naked 1 Pallette

NYX Black Liquid Liner

ELF Black Gel Liner

NYX Soft Brown Lip Liner Pencil

MAC Cork Lip Liner Pencil

Wet n' Wild Fergie Daily Lipstick

Wet n' Wild Bare it All Lipstick

It's all Love...

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