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Syeko Design House Photoshoot....Awesomeness!!

Sooooo....As you can tell, I'm addicted to using Flipagram...LOL!

I had the dynamic opportunity to be a part of the Syeko Design House team for a photoshoot for the relaunch of their website! When I say I was inspired...I WAS INSPIRED! The owner and designer, Brandi Lewis, is like Heaven in a Bottle (one of my many Takia-isms). Her eye for details and her ability to mix edgy one of a kind hand-made pieces with vintage and/or simple everyday wears is absolutely....AWESOME-SAUCE! top if all off...I was able to work with Paul Greene (the photographer) and Sierra Morgan (the model) for the very first time. When you say...wonderfulness, this team was on Fire!!

Check out Syeko Design House by going to

It's all love...

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