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Shark Tank Winner....4 time over!

I had never watched the show Shark Tank because I always thought they were so harsh and were dream killers...yes, I said it! I'm sure the judges are great people and great in their businesses however, I hate watching people having their dreams pooped on because someone else doesn't see value in it. So, when I read about CCBC's Shark Tank competition in 2013 I had no desire to enter. But when the 2014 competition was announced I picked up a flyer and held on to it. I figured going to the information session couldn't hurt. I went, won that competition, and went on to win 3 more after that...totaling 4 wins. From that point forward I've been addicted!

I read and study everything about business and in one of the many books I read, I learned that many women owned businesses do not meet success or are not as successful as they could be because women lack the capital investments necessary to push their business forward. It shocked me to learn that most women owned businesses cap out at earning $25,000 per year. OMG! This is unacceptable. Business Plan competitions can be one of the ways that you, me, we can obtain the dollars we need to get to the next phase in business. At least, it has been for me!

Not only is there the potential to win dollars, what I found to be one of the most important and game changing elements of Shark Tank competitions is the feedback and resources that you receive outside of the money. Yes, the money is great but if you don't know what to do with it than it is all in vain. These competitions have helped me to develop a working business plan and create the financial plans that my business needed to meet success for years to come. I was able to pitch my plan to a group of judges that run successful businesses and/or finance successful businesses and get real time feedback about the viability of my business. I have gotten ideas about how to take my business to next level and I have gained to confidence to stand in any room and declare to the world that Accessmatized is HERE! Not to mention the press that you get that helps to garner new business.

We did it and we continue to do it! And, we owe it all to our FABGLAMAZONS who continue to show us the love and support that we need to push forward. We can't do it without you.

It's all LOVE....

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