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I just Died and went to Lippie Heaven!

So, if you know me you know I am a lipstick fanatic! I have a slight addiction when it comes to my acquisition of lipsticks...and at this stage in the game, I don't care. Now, be mindful that I am ONLY in love with lipsticks and lipstains! I don't care about glosses, I will wear vaseline. But give me a good lip and I am here for it. So, when Maybelline dropped their new lipstick collection...I lost all my shit (Yup, I just said a bad word about it...that's how amazing they are). I was on a budget when I ran in to these beauties in Walmart so I only purchased one at our first meeting. And I chose that one because it looked just like one of my favorite MAC shades. It did not fail me!

What you see here is why I fell in love with these lipsticks. The Maybelline lipstick to the left is Grey Over It right next to MAC's Stone. If that is not the same shade, I don't know what is!? I mean, it's a dupe if I've ever seen one. Which prompted me to go back and get more colors.

I'm in love with these shades! They have a satin finish but a matte color pay off..and these babies stay on ALL DAY!

{Pictured Top Right: Maybelline Grey Over It and MAC Stone; Pictured Left: Me wearing Maybelline Grey Over It; PIctured Right: Me Wearing Mabyelline Violet}

I purchased 6 shades but there were about 6 more that I didn't purchase...but will be! I chose these shades to fit my complexion, however, I will be adding these babies to my kit. And I know, you are wondering about the white but this is a perfect lipstick if you would like to lighten a shade that you apply to your lips or give yourself the ombre lip effect.

{Pictured Left: Maybelline Grey Over It, Midnight Merlot, Wickedly White, Gone Griege, Dynamite Red; Pictured Right: Maybelline Swatches}

They are a must have in my collection. And, did I mention that these shades are only $5.50 in Walmart? I'm just DONE! Come thru Maybelline!

It's all LOVE!

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