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Holy Juvia's Place....

When I went missing from my blog posts...I know, don't say anything...though I was GLAMBULOUSLY busy with clients, I also made time for some much needed make-up retail therapy.

I had been keeping a list of must have make-up items and when the time came I had a party online and in the store buying them. Of course I visited MAC and will be talking about my haul from them at a later time as well as my party time in Sephora and Ulta...but today let's get in to Juvia's Place.

I am a frequent Youtube watcher, like most of you, and spend a good number of hours per week watching my faves Nikki Tutorials and Sonjdra Deluxe. I watch lot's more but these are my faves. Nikki introduced me to Juvia's Place a few months ago and I have been a constant state of stalkage (yes, that's a word) since then. I read reviews, watched other Youtubers rave about the product, saw the looks that were created using the product, and continued to remain hooked. When I finally made the purchase 2 weeks ago and it arrived, I figured out why....

Holy state of eyeshadow good goodyness...I am in LOVE! Now I know, people have been raving and sometimes not about Juvia's Place for a while and I am tardy for the party but I am on a make-up budget and have to make sure that what I buy is going to make a difference in my kit and these babies do! So first I am going to get in to the customer service. Baby...they rock! Now, I would be remiss if I did not mention that there were some challenges and instances where people have mentioned that they had a problem with customer service and shipping...that's just me stating what I have read. But what happened with me was the total opposite! I placed my order at some God awful time in the middle of the night when I should have been calling the cows and the chickens...only to receive an email the very next morning letting my know that my order had shipped, complete with a tracking number. And I'll be darn if the package did not arrive the following day...less than 48 hours from when I placed the order. had me at Hello! Then I created a look with the product and the shadows were all that they were pitched to be...pigmented, buttery smooth, blendable, no fall out...just heaven in the form of colored rays of eyeshadow sunshine. And now, Juvia, we go together! Like, we are literally in a relationship. You can't quit me. I love you the the worst way. Get in to this small woman run business!

It's all LOVE...

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