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That one time I was on Dr. Oz....

I was scrolling through my blog posts as I prepare for 2017 and realized that there has been so much that I haven't shared with you and for that I am truly sorry! I'm not going to lie, running a business can be GLAMBULOUSLY overwhelming and some things kinda fall through the cracks sometimes....Thank God for do overs! So I'm going to use one of mine to go all they way back to earlier this year and my visit on Dr. Oz. Yes, you heard right! This crazy lady right here was actually on live television, cutting up with the one and only Dr. Mehmet Oz!

Though the segment was not make-up related, I was chosen to be a part of a segment on Fabulous Moms and the "food hacks" that we use with our children. I'm sure that most of you know that I am a mom of 3 so I have all kinds of food hacks when it comes to feeding my crew with limited time and on a very limited budget. But, not only, did I get a chance to go on air, I also had the opportunity to provide make-up services to one of the Beauties that was also on air with me! So...I think the segment may have been a little bit about least for me it was.

Needless to say, I was on television acting my usual crazy self! LOL...I mean, who really tells Dr. Oz to "look at me!" I do!!! My segment was on spoon hacks, using spoons to create bite sized desserts that are fun to make and easy to eat, especially for my then 4 year old son. I was a nervous reck, but it was a ton of fun and I got to bring my number one lady, my mom with me. And, she was cutting up too! Being nosey in places where she shouldn't have been, making us walk 40 plus blocks in New York City, and threatening to touch Dr. Oz's butt...we'll leave that for her to tell.

It's all LOVE....

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