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We're a Queen Boss

Y'all know that I am a little crazy...right!? And, I am willing to put myself and my business out there in to the world because we truly believe, wholeheartedly, in our ability to make a lasting impact on our clients as well as the business community at large. So when we saw that Queen Boss was having an online pitch contest...we were all in! For those of you who may not be familiar with Queen Boss, it is a new show on the Centric network that have participants (all women) competing for a chance to win 25,000 to jumpstart or take their business to the next level. It's sort of like the Shark Tank for Women of Color. You should really check it out.

So...when they announced a Pitch Competition I threw caution to the wind and went for it. Now...I'm not going lie, I wrote out a pitch and recorded that bad boy about 40 times and I just couldn't get it right. So in a final ditch effort...just winged it...LOL! I used components from my usual pitch for investors and ad-libbed the rest. It must have worked because we won! Like was featured on television won.

And, what was even more hilarious is that I thought it was a haux. I mean does a crazy single mom from Baltimore, Maryland win a national online competition? It's possible y'all...we just did. And guess what? We won tickets to Black Girls Rock! Check out the portion our pitch that was featured on Queen Boss.

It's all LOVE....

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