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We've Been Quietly Working...

I know...I know...We are the worst at posting regularly on our blog! Please blame it on the crazy schedule that I keep and not my heart. I truly love sharing my life with you and am sad when I don't have time to let you know all that has been going on. I was able to sneak away to D.C. for a quick respite so I figured this was as good a time as any to sit down and let you know about on big thing that has been going on.

One major thing that we wanted to share was the revamping of Pretty Mobile Baltimore. Many of you know that we are the home of the DMV's First Mobile Make-Up Studio. She is a 16-passenger vehicle that we transformed to hold up to 3 artists, 9 clients, she has a small dressing room, refreshment station, and wifi. we LOVE us some Pretty. When we first purchased her, we had (a still do) a very limited budget so we did all of the work ourselves. From gutting out the bus, to laying floors, to painting, to hanging mirrors; you name it, we did it. But one of the things that were were missing was signage on the outside of the bus to let you know what she was.

Now...we don't have to worry about that anymore! She has signage. top it all off, we kept

with our mission to use local small businesses to do all of the work that we were unable to do. So we are screaming a huge thank you to Xanthe owner of Legacy and Dreams for doing all of the vinyl signage that you see on the outside of Pretty. And yes...she is a #girlboss! We couldn't be more ecstatic about the way our Pretty is growing in to herself.

Then, to top things off, we wanted to gussy up the inside so we contacted another #girlboss of ours and BOOM she created a hand maid flower wall for us. Can you say...absolutely GLAMBULOUS!

FABGLAMAZONS, we are working on some big things and we are always grateful for the love and support you continue to show us. We couldn't do any of this without you!

It's all Love...

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