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Oh no...I had such high hopes for this Foundation!

Don't kill me...Don't kill me! Yes, it has been 3 months since we posted and yes we suck! LOL. It's hard running a business though so can I please get a pass....again?

Well, even if you still want to kill me and you don't give me a pass I hope you will still read the rest of this post.

In May, my team and I went to the Make-Up Show in NYC. As you probably know or can most likely guess this conference/trade show/make-up addict festival is all about...make-up! And my team and I were in the building. This was their first time but I have been before and this year I was committed to only purchasing what I came for. I was on a budget and all I wanted was...drum roll please....DANESSA MYRICKS!!! Now if you don't know who Danessa Myricks is than please take a minute to look her up...but just know, I LOVE HER! I mean, I love everything about this woman! From the top of her dread locks all the down to her melanated feet. I had attended a class she held about a year ago and had purchased some of her products but wanted more, especially since she came out with foundations and concealers. LISTEN...if you know me, I am always looking for a good foundation and concealer especially considering the face that I do not wear eyeshadow...I'll leave that story for another day!

So needless to say, I got it! I was able to purchase a concealer, foundation, eyeshadow palette, highlighting creams...ok, I went overboard but I got what I came for.

I was so excited about the product and couldn't wait to try it out. I picked one of my more busier days filled with early morning clients and meetings so that I could really do a wear test and see if I should purchase the product to add the my kit. The foundation and concealer is cream...don't say I didn't tell you.

I had a great color match and it is TOTALLY full coverage. I applied it over my ponds moisturizer and I used the vision cream cover (concealer) as my highlight. I noticed upon applying that it was a little "heavier" than I am used to and it had a lot of shine. It didn't say that it was a dewy foundation but it didn't say that it wasn't so...Any who, I set my highlight with my usual Black Radiance finishing powder in Golden Almond and I set the rest of my face with the Laura Mercier loose powder in medium deep. That took the shine off and I looked flawless...but was heavy. I felt like I had a mask on, and I was HOT (and not in a good way).

I wore the foundation to my first client which was scheduled for 8am (pictured to the right) and I took a picture prior to starting her make-up. And I was glowing. But by the time I got to my 10am meeting, I looked like a could fry chicken on my face and I don't have oily skin. It was pretty bad. By the time I got to my 2pm client, they were asking me if I needed some air because it looked like I was sweating really bad. Needless to say...that wasn't a good look.

That made me really sad because I really wanted to love the foundation but it's just not for me. Now I will say, that the vision cream cover (concealer) is giving me my whole life. It is full coverage and just absolutely perfect for highlighting under my eye. I use it everyday (even though I have to fight with the applicator). I am wearing the vision cream cover in W05 paired with Maybelline SuperStay Foundation in Truffle in the picture to the left.

I would definently purchase a refill when that runs out but the foundation is a no go for me. And...I think it's my fault because I should have known that the foundation was going to be on the more "glowy" side of the world instead of the matte world that I like to live in because Ms. Myricks is in to the glow...and I am here for it...just not all over my face.

It's all Love....

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