All I Want for Christmas is....

It's that time of year and I am so excited! I love giving gifts and...let's be honest...I love receiving them too! My entire family knows that gifts of make-up are always on my Christmas list and this year is no different. Lots of new make-up was released this year and I was very strategic when purchasing new items (which means, I think I got everything...LOL) but there are a few more items that I would love for Santa...or one of his elves (hey, Mom) to leave under the tree for me.

First up is foundations! I am always looking to expand my foundation collection (I mean...can you really have too many foundation? I'm a make-up artist.) When these bad boys came out I was shook. I played around with them in Sephora but didn't take them home. Boy, was that a big mistake. I want them!!!

(Retail: $44 in Sephora)

Natasha, you did not have to do this to me! Some of my favorite Youtubers have used these eyeshadows on their channel and I have always wanted to try them. So, when I went in to Sephora and saw that they were carrying her palettes...I think I passed out and had to be revived with the light mist of Urban Decay All Nighter setting spray. These babies are buttery smooth and pigmented. Santa, can I please have Natasha Denona for Christmas?

(Retail: $129 in Sephora)

Ok...I have been talking about Fairy Glam Mother Pat McGrath since she launched her line and haven't purchased anything YET! Lord pray for my pockets! I am going to admit, I just wasn't sure if I wanted to make the splurge. And every time I committed myself and my pocket to doing it, what I wanted would be sold out! Go figure. But loved ones...can I please get a Pat McGrath eyeshadow palette. Anyone of them will do...please!

(Retail: $125 in Sephora)