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All I Want for Christmas is....

It's that time of year and I am so excited! I love giving gifts and...let's be honest...I love receiving them too! My entire family knows that gifts of make-up are always on my Christmas list and this year is no different. Lots of new make-up was released this year and I was very strategic when purchasing new items (which means, I think I got everything...LOL) but there are a few more items that I would love for Santa...or one of his elves (hey, Mom) to leave under the tree for me.

First up is foundations! I am always looking to expand my foundation collection (I mean...can you really have too many foundation? I'm a make-up artist.) When these bad boys came out I was shook. I played around with them in Sephora but didn't take them home. Boy, was that a big mistake. I want them!!!

(Retail: $44 in Sephora)

Natasha, you did not have to do this to me! Some of my favorite Youtubers have used these eyeshadows on their channel and I have always wanted to try them. So, when I went in to Sephora and saw that they were carrying her palettes...I think I passed out and had to be revived with the light mist of Urban Decay All Nighter setting spray. These babies are buttery smooth and pigmented. Santa, can I please have Natasha Denona for Christmas?

(Retail: $129 in Sephora)

Ok...I have been talking about Fairy Glam Mother Pat McGrath since she launched her line and haven't purchased anything YET! Lord pray for my pockets! I am going to admit, I just wasn't sure if I wanted to make the splurge. And every time I committed myself and my pocket to doing it, what I wanted would be sold out! Go figure. But loved ones...can I please get a Pat McGrath eyeshadow palette. Anyone of them will do...please!

(Retail: $125 in Sephora)

Last...but certainly not Good Good Girlfriend and co-host of The Business of Beauty dropped her new line of glam vanity mirrors and my heart skipped a beat! I saw this baby in person and it gave me all the feels. Couldn't you see this in my room on my vanity table (my table never looks this neat and beautiful...I am going to have to work on that) or in the Studio...or on Pretty Mobile (hint hint).

I need 2....wait wait 3....ok 7...for real 7!

(Retial: $115 at

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