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I'm Blushing!

Fabglamazons, you already know that blush is my love language. I would absolutely roll around in blush if I could. I have no clue where this obsession with blush came from, as when I first started wearing make-up I DID NOT wear blush. I just couldn't understand it. Until one day...I found LaFemme blushes. These blushes were highly pigmented, worked with my skin tone, and they were affordable. And, there started my love affair with BLUSH.

That was over 5 years ago, and that love has only grown bigger. I can't claim to have tried all the blushes, however, I have tried quite a few. Here are my top 5 blushes:

1. Juvia's Place - I must admit, I LOVE ALL of the Juvia's Place blushes. I have The Saharan Blush sets Volumes I and II as well as, the Bella individual blush and the Blushed Duo Volume I. These blushes are very pigmented, long lasting, creamy, and just all around beautiful. There is a shade for every skin tone and I have added them to my kit and my personal make-up collection.

2. Beauty Bakerie Snackaroons Blush - These Beauties are a keeper. I first ran across these beauties in Target and I have been in love with them ever since. They are so pigmented that I don't wear them often, they pack quite a punch to be a small individual blush. It's one beautiful punch though. I have three shades, Hey Pumpkin (a bright orange), Kiss my Cheeks (a bright pink), and Heart Beets (a deep plum).

3. Believe Beauty - The newest edition to our blush family is the Believe Beauty blushes from Dollar General. YES, The Dollar General! I purchased these for last week's Wine Wednesday challenge where I did my make-up using all affordable brands and this blush was the shocker of the night. They are $5 and baby...the are pigmented. They are also very creamy and have a nice highlight to them. I purchased Fancy Plum but ran back to the store to pick up every other shade I could find. Just an FYI, we are giving a few away during this week's Facebook Live.

4. LaFemme - My tried and true. I found these blushes years ago on a website that I can no longer remember. I purchased them as pans, with not containers, and created my own Z-palette. That will let you know how long I have been using these blushes. I absolutely love them. My favorite, hands down, is Cinnabar. It just works with deeper skin tones.

5.Nicka K - Don't sleep on Nicka K. This brand is mostly found in beauty supply stores and can be overlooked. However, I love this orange blush set. This blush duo was a staple in my make-up routine for years. It is just the right amount of brightness/warmth on the cheeks.

Be sure to tune in to this week's Wine Wednesday of Facebook (@takiaross) at 7:30pm for a chance to win a Believe Beauty blush.

It's all Love...


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