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Let's pack for our summer trips!

It seems that the world is opening back up and we are here for it! I know that we have a number of business and personal trips planned for the summer...which means, we have to PACK.

Packing for trips can be stressful! What should you bring? Don't forget anything? Will it fit in the quart sized bag that TSA requires if you don't check them? And, if you are anything like me, the worry of forgetting to bring your make-up is real (I left my entire make-up bag at home once while on a business trip...UGH).

So here are my top items to bring and why I choose these products.

  • Juvia's Place Foundation - Now, Juvia's Place foundation is not my everyday foundation, however, when I am traveling, I LOVE bringing their foundations with me because they are already in a compact PLASTIC container. This is a lifesaving invention when traveling with make-up because you don't have to worry about your glass container breaking during travel or having your products explode (that actually happens) during the flight and ruining everything!

  • No eyeshadow - Ok...Ok...this is my usual. I don't wear eyeshadow on a regular basis so choosing to travel without bringing eyeshadow is a no brainer for me. But, there really is a practical reason for this. First, eyeshadow palettes can be big an bulky, taking up too much space in your make-up bag. If you are going to travel with eyeshadow, choose a compact palette with a range of colors that you are sure to wear. Next, eyeshadow palettes break easily. I can not tell you how many times I have arrived at a destination with an entire broken eyeshadow palette. The horror. Finally, you can use your face powder and blush as eyeshadow so....

  • KiKi Thunda Lippies - This totally bias but it is true! KiKi Thunda lippies are the best! I love traveling with them because if you have 2 lip shades you really have 3 lip get what I mean. The formula allows for you to mix the shades together to create a custom color. I love traveling with Norma Jeans, Crazy John's, and Raven liquid matte lipsticks and I have recently added the North Avenue lipliner and #180 lip butter to my travel collection as it is the perfect nude glossy lip combo.

  • Lashes - You can't go wrong with a good lash. Now, one way to get around having to carry lashes with you is to get your lashes professionally applied prior to going on your trip. This will allow you to wake of everyday ready to slay, and not have to worry about fighting with your lash glue and falsies while on vacation.

  • Face Powder with a mirrored Compact - Make sure you have your favorite face powder...with the mirror in the compact. Now, we all know why we need our face powder but don't forget that the mirror is going to come in handy. Those hotel bathroom mirrors (no matter how many fancy lights that have in there) do not work.

So, let me know, what's in your make-up travel bag?

It's all love...


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