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Tidbit Tuesday - LA Colors

This week for Tidbit Tuesday on the Accessmatized Facebook page I posted one of my favorite go to products and inexpensive brand, LA Colors! As you get to know me, you will find out that I find make-up everywhere I go...LOL! As a mom of three, I frequent the Dollar General at least twice a week to purchase paper plates, cleaning wipes, and other miscellaneous household products that my children seem to use up faster than I can bring it home (y'all know what I'm talking about).

About two years ago, when I started my business and was looking to build my kit I was in search of great inexpensive products that I could use that would do the job. I happened upon LA Colors on one of my many Dollar General trips and I have fallen in love with some of their products. There are two products that I ABSOLUTELY swear by:

1. LA Colors Jumbo Pencils - These pencils put in mind of the NYX jumbo pencils. They are eye pencils but the are a soft enough to be used on the lips as a lipstick. My favorite is Pool Party (a beautiful blue with a little bit of glitter in it) and I use it on the waterline to add a pop of color to any look. They have other colors including a beautiful green that I used as a base to create a lipstick color for the GLAMBULOUS young lady in the picture that we affectionately named "KK Green". These pencils retail for $1.50 in Dollar General.

2. LA Colors Setting Powder in Light - I use this powder everyday to set my highlight and I love it. Although I use Ben Nye powder and MAC on most of my clients, this is my personal go to setting powder. The powder is a "loose" powder to you have to be careful not to put to much on your brush/sponge. It has a very light consistency and doesn't dry me out. They have other shades, medium and natural, that I carry in my kit; however the light powder works for me. These powders retail for $2.00 in Dollar General.

It's all LOVE....

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