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Here Comes the Bride...Syeko Style!

I have to do better with my blogging! I have so much to share with all of the FABGLAMAZONS that follow me, however, I am so awesomely busy Accessmatizing that I often don't have time to post all that I want to share. I vow to do better!

Today, though, I wanted to share the GLAMBULOUSNESS that was the photoshoot that I had with Jearlean Taylor (author of Pretty Girl Blues, model, and cancer survivor), Brandi with Syeko Design House, and Andre Dunston with Epic Media Photography.


I had absolutely no idea what kind of look I was going to create for my GLAMBULOUS Sister, however, when I saw this dress...with all of it's Syeko designs I knew I had to create something fabulous! I mean, who but the awesome Brandi can spray paint a wedding dress and have it come out looking like a couture piece of art???

Glitter Close Up.jpg

So to glitter I went...LOL! I can't go wrong with glitter and bottom lashes right? The picture to the left was taken with my Galaxy 4. No filter or edits. I just cropped the picture so that you could get a close up of the glitter. I used gold glitter that I picked up from Walmart....yes, Walmart! And I used my Urban Decay glitter adhesive to make sure the glitter stayed on. Jearlean's lips are lined and filled in with Vino Lipliner by MAC and I put a burgundy, no name, gloss over it that I picked up at my local beauty supply store...with a little glitter of course. I didn't use any glitter adhesive on her lips as the lipgloss was sticky enough to keep it in place. I cut the bottom lashes to creat the bottom lash look.

I love this look! I can't wait to repeat this look or another FABGLAMAZON!

It's all LOVE!

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