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Everyday FAB Make-Up Workshop

My second Everyday FAB Make-Up Workshop will be taking place this Saturday, June 14th and I am absolutely excited....and nervous all at the same! I, like many of you, am a procrastinator. It's a very bad habit but I always think I have way more time that I actually do (plus I have tricked myself in to believing that I work best under pressure...NOT!). So I am working day and night to make sure that I have everything ready to host some amazing FABGLAMAZONS as we "play in paint".

This class, I have collaborated with Sweet Tooth by Nicole to provide the desserts and we will are planning to have wonderful door prizes and giveaways. During the class I have a one-hour and thirty minute make-up demonstration and then attendees are encouraged to practice what they have learned on themselves with their very own makeup. Attendees leave the class with a printed detailed list of my favorite products, hands-on experience applying their own make-up under my watchful eye, and a wealth of information about make-up application. The class will take place at The Living Well Studio in Baltimore and we plan to have a blast.

You can obtain more details about the class by clicking on the services tab on this website and then clicking on the picture in the class section. Or you can click on this link and it will take you right to the Eventbrite registration page for the class:

I hope to see you there!

It's all Love...

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