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I felt myself slipping in to a creative funk. Make-up is not only my business but a way for me to be creative and express what is inside of me. challenge myself and to get my creative juices flowing I woke up Monday morning and decided to take pictures of my make-up process and to turn it in to a flipagram video. I had no idea that I was going to have so much fun and that it would re-spark the make-up fire that lives in me.

So...I decided to challenge myself to create make-up looks using a $10 E.L.F. palette that has been sitting in my make-up drawer for some time now. And if that's not enough fun, I decided to wear a different lip combination everyday this summer using the 70 or so lipsticks, glosses, and stains that I have in my collection...but only the ones that cost under $7. This video is from day six and boy am I having fun!

I will keep you posted...

It's all love...

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