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Is this really our first post of the year???

Yup...I am so horrible for this one and I have no excuses for it! The year started off with me battling an upper respiratory infection and then the Accessmatized train left the station and I have been chasing it down since. Y'all, I'm not even on the train! The train left me! LOL.

So many amazing things have happened in just the first 3 months of the year that I can hardly believe it myself. From winning awards (Ms. Unstoppable Award for Rising Entrepreneur and the Alice Muhammad Entrepreneurship Award) to features in the Afro Newspaper, to speaking to 300 entrepreneurs at the Circular Summit, to hosting our very first So You Want to Pitch Conference, to having War Paint featured on the LED Baltimore billboard for the 2nd time, to having our second War Paint exhibit...and it's just March! We launched our monthly newsletter and have sent out two editions and we have so many things up our sleeves that we can hardly contain ourselves.

April is coming and our schedule is full with classes, speaking engagements, Studio events, Pretty Mobile appearances, and of course our Beauties! We are going to try our best to stay connected and share more about the behind the scenes happenings on a more regular basis on our blog. I'm going to add it to my schedule...for real!

It's all LOVE...

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