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A Dream Come True...

I am an educator at heart and as I have embarked on this journey as a make-up artist and business woman I have relished at every opportunity to give back and get in a classroom like atmosphere and TEACH! Of course I have done that through my Everyday FAB Workshops and my 1-on-1 make-up classes...not to mention my speaking engagements with schools and community organizations...but I have been wanting to expand my offerings. So...what do I want to teach? Well, I'm glad you asked :-) I have been itching to share what I have learned about pitching in and winning Business Plan and Business Pitch Competitions. When I first started entering I had no clue what I was doing. As a matter of fact, I didn't even know that Business Plan and Business Pitch competitions existed...I know, sad right!? But after entering and winning my first competition, CCBC's Center for Business Innovation Shark Tank Competition, I was hooked! Not just because I won, but also because of the amazing feedback I got about my business, financials, marketing, and the mentorship I continue to receive. These resources are invaluable when you are in business, especially when you are a new business.

From these humble beginnings, I have gone on to win 7 competitions with prize money ranging from $100 to $10,000 all of which has been invested in to my business. And guess what, I am going to be sharing all of this information with you starting on Tuesday, September 27, 2016 at 8pm as one of the amazing speakers for the Pitch for Profit Tele-Seminar. This 3 day conference is being hosted by Quinn Conyers, Chief Fashion Officer of Purse Paparazzi who has won $31,000 pitching, and features Precious Williams Founder and CEO of Curvy Girls Lingerie, LLC who has won $150,000 pitching, Mark Fuller with Manager of Wealth, LLC who has invested $500,000 in entrepreneurs, and ME who has won $30,000 pitching.

This is sure to be an amazing tele-seminar and I am so honored to be speaking on such a great platform. I will be on the call on Tuesday, September 27th at 8pm and will be dropping gems to ensure that all of our FABGLAMAZONS have as much information as possible to ensure that they can move forward in there businesses. And the best thing is...this event is absolutely FREE and you can attend from the privacy of your own home! Now that's what I call GLAMBULOUS!! Click on the link below to complete the free registration:

It's all LOVE...

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