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Did You Catch the Slay....

Was it just me or did Ms. Precious Williams drop some bombs on us last night!? If you don't know what I am talking about, you missed a dynamic time last night...but you still have time to catch the remaining speakers. Yesterday was the start of the Pitch for Profit Tele-Summit and the festivities started off with Ms. Precious Williams owner of Curvy Girlz Lingerie dropping bombs on attendees about how she won over $150,000 "pitching" her business in Business Pitch competitions....$5,000 in 10 minutes at one event. She spoke about the importance of being confident, of the NEED to have a 60 second business pitch, and she encouraged everyone listening with her story of triumph over adversities. It was amazing!

Now, I know that some of you reading this blog post, and many others that I have been posting lately, may be wondering why I post so much about business and not as much about make-up. It is because I believe that both go hand in hand. I am a beauty enthusiast like many of you! I mean I absolutely love make-up and can shop for products in the dollar store...yes, I am a fanatic that way. But I am also a business woman. And as a business woman, who happens to be a in the make-up business, it is very important that I spend as much time expanding my knowledge about business practices, trends, fiscal requirements, and ways to take my business to the next level as I do learning about the newest lipsticks that MAC are dropping. It's the only way that we can ensure our success in whatever industry we choose to be in. And that is why I share this information with you! I know many of you are business women as well, and if I can drop a jewel, highlight another amazing woman in business, or encourage you to follow your dreams...even if it has nothing to do with make-up than I plan to use this platform to do so!

So...if you missed last nights speaker, you still have two more nights to jump on the call! Tonight, we will be hearing from the amazing Mark Fuller who has invested over $500,000 in entrepreneurs and has judged pitch competitions. He is going to be sharing what he and other investors are looking for when they invest in small businesses. As an entrepreneur who has pitched in a number of competitions, this is invaluable information that you don't want to miss! And, if that wasn't enough, I am "Bringing the Thunda" tomorrow as I discuss my experiences pitching and dropping sure fire ways that you can be successful when you decide to pitch your business! Not to mention, I have a freebie for all the attendees that will help them get a jump on one of the most important components of a business plan and pitch competition...the financials!

It's all LOVE...

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